Heel Pain Treatment

AliMed Classic Night Splint

AliMed Classic Night SplintThe AliMed Classic Night Splint is used to treat heel pain by stretching the tendons and ligaments of the foot and leg. This is worn for extended periods only while resting or sleeping. The splint is well padded and easy to use. There are adjustable straps to vary the stretching force. Universal size fits left or right.




PROMED Plantar Fasciitis Kit

PROMED Plantar Fasciitis Kit CLOSEDThe PROMED Plantar Fasciitis Kit helps relieve pain from plantar fasciitis (heel pain). The kit includes a portable ultrasound unit, a massage roller, a compression sleeve, a soft stretch night splint, and a stretching rope. This kit is used at home as an adjunct your physicians treatment, so you can lessen healing time. By having the convenience of an ultrasound unit at home, you can save time and money that multiple physical therapy visits accumulate.PROMED Plantar Fasciitis Kit OPEN


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