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    Questions for Your Podiatrist

    Published on October 21st, 2016

    Everyone goes to the doctor with a weird question now and then. Here at Alpine Foot Specialists, we are no strangers to the odd concern now and then, although no questions are wrong to ask. After all, we are here to help our patients with their foot and ankle pain! Below are some common questions that can sometimes be embarrassing to ask-but shouldn’t be!

    Athlete’s Foot

    Many are concerned about contracting athlete’s foot, and it is a relatively common condition. However, where can you actually catch this disease? Places people can catch athlete’s foot include the gym shower, locker room carpet, stalls, and more. Essentially, when you are exposed to a communal locker room, dorm shower, etc., one can contract athlete’s foot. To protect your feet, always wear shower shoes and make sure to wash them with soap and water after each use.


    Sometimes even healthy people experience foot numbness. Though often associated with those with diabetes, numbness or tingling can happen for a variety of reasons. Your shoes may be too tight, or your diet may be lacking in vitamin B. Additionally, if you have a gluten allergy or are eating too many carbs/sugars, that can cause your peripheral nerves to react.

    Smelly Feet

    We’ve all experienced this-all of a sudden your feet are extremely smelly and you don’t know exactly why. If you are noticing this on a regular basis, especially when you are not exercising, purchase some foot powder. After showering, sprinkle a bit on to eliminate extra moisture in order to prevent bacteria from heading straight to your feet, causing the smell. You can also discuss an antiperspirant for your feet if you are suffering from hyperhidrosis.

    From smelly feet to foot conditions, there are many problems that people are sometimes too nervous to ask their doctor about. However, it is more important that these issues are taken care of, as many foot conditions can easily become exacerbated without treatment. Contact Alpine Foot Specialists to schedule an appointment today!

    Courtesy of: Women’s Health


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