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    Hotels and Bare Feet: They Don’t Mix!

    Published on May 11th, 2016

    Although this may be an obvious statement, hotels, no matter how fancy, do not mix well with bare feet. The cleaning service can be divine, and you can be staying at a five-star hotel, but there are still some dangers to walking around in bare feet. This is especially true in any common areas, such as the pool showers, continental breakfast areas, or even walking down the hallway for ice.

    What Could Happen?

    With hotels, the most common foot ailment that can be prevented is foot fungus. While many spend time worrying about the hotel not having enough pillows or the pool not being as nice as the pictures, make sure you are also taking precautions against foot fungus. Typically, foot fungus occurs where there are wet and warm areas, which include many areas in a hotel.

    How Do I Avoid Foot Fungus?

    As mentioned previously, the bacteria that can cause foot fungus can be found in any of the hotel bathrooms, the sauna or pool, hot tub, hotel gym, and more. As most hotels have carpeting rather than wood flooring or tiles, the carpets can hold more bacteria. The best way to avoid the bacteria that can lead to foot fungus is by wearing shoes as much as possible. Wear flip-flops in the shower and in the pool area when you are not swimming. When you go to get ice, wear shoes. However, it is important to remember to air out any shoes that you wear that get wet, as the shoes can breed foot fungus if not dried out.

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    Courtesy of: Lexington Podiatry

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